Training Opportunities

Global WellBeing is committed to offering a diverse range of training opportunities. The agency’s primary focus is to deliver meaningful instruction for service providers working with survivors of war and organized violence, whether in post-crisis communities or in countries of refuge. Responding to the scarcity of effective psychosocial support programs for war-affected children is at the heart of Global Wellbeing’s mandate. Our Director has special expertise in developing dance-based psychosocial interventions for child soldiers and children affected by war, and is eager to share this specialized knowledge in various ways.

Sometimes it is worthwhile to deliver similar workshops in various settings, and the modules described below are indicative of the range of workshops for which curricula are already available. But ensuring cultural relevance is of the utmost importance. Accordingly, Global WellBeing often prefers to prepare resources and trainings for application in specific socio-cultural settings.

Global WellBeing is likewise dedicated to enhancing the capacity of dance/movement therapists and other expressive and creative arts therapists to address crisis and post-crisis situations more effectively. Curricula are available for equipping these care providers to make their interventions more culturally-relevant, and for enhancing their own self-care in the process.

Click here to contact Global WellBeing. We are eager to discuss options for staff training suitable to your locale. Fees for training delivery are negotiable, and funds from private donors may be available to support either short- or longer-term supportive interventions in developing countries.


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